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Looking for low cost home contents insurance?

Through our brokers we can offer all our tenants, sharing owners and owners within our factored properties low cost house contents insurance; it’s called ‘Diamond Insurance’. It is an easy and affordable way of insuring household goods to all members' tenants and owner occupiers of Housing Associations in Scotland.          

•No excess due on claims

•New for Old cover

•Affordable premiums

•Lower minimum sums insured

•Flexible payment methods

•All postcodes included

The minimum sum insured starts at £6,000*.

For a copy of the prospectus and application, click here to download from our Documents for Residents folder.

*£6,000 min sum insurance applies to people aged 60 and over and in receipt of state pension, for all other people the min sum insured is £9,000.

If you have a general enquiry about the scheme do not contact us directly as the scheme is administered by our broker. Please call 08456 718 172 and state that you are calling in respect of the "SFHA Diamond scheme" or e-mail .

How to Apply:

1.         Complete the application form, making sure you answer all the questions. Remember to tick the appropriate method of payment on

the application form.

2.         Check your total sum insured is adequate.

3.         Supply any additional information required.

4.         Read the declaration and sign at the bottom of the application form

5.         For general enquiries and payment queries please call 08456 718 172. (For your protection calls may be recorded or monitored)

6.         Post the completed application form to RSA, Direct Group Property Services, Quay Point, Lakeside Boulevard, Doncaster, DN4 5PL