Cyclical Maintenance

We carry out the following cyclical maintenance:

  • Cleansing Services:
    We provide a backcourt cleansing service which is carried out by Land Engineering and in addition GCC provide a bulk uplift service.  Both of these are carried out on a weekly basis.
  • Close Cleaning:
    Our Contractor CAS Contract Cleaning undertake a weekly close cleaning service for residents in closes, who have agreed to participate.
  • Controlled Entry:
    We currently have a programme underway With Sound Services -  to install/upgrade and maintain our controlled entry systems on our close doors.
  • Electrical Safety:
    We carry out an electrical test on all of our properties which are 10+ years old.  This is carried out over a 5-10 year period to ensure that our electrical wiring etc is meeting the current standards.
  • Gutter Cleaning:
    We have a three year programme underway to identify which properties require an annual/bi-annual or three yearly clean.  We are in our second year and at the end of next year we will have a full programme of addresses and the required  gutter cleaning frequency.
  • Roof Anchor Testing:
    We carry out an annual test of all our roof anchors to ensure that they are fit for use by contractors accessing the roof.
  • Landscape Maintenance:
    Our Contractor Land Engineering carries out our grounds maintenance contract – working across all our locations: carrying out grass cutting/pruning/weeding/litter picking/ tree works where required and hard landscaping upon request.
  • Stair lighting:
    We have a contract in place with GCC to maintain our stair lighting within our closes.