Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply for rehousing? 

You need to complete an application form.  You can do this in several ways:  online; ask us for an Application Pack or download a form from our website and submit it to us 

2. How is my application assessed?

We ask questions on our form which allow us to carry out an assessment of your circumstances.  This assessment looks at things like the number of bedrooms you have, whether you have any medical conditions relating to your current housing or whether you are under any threat of being made homeless. 

Based on your circumstances, your application will be placed in one of our five Priority Groups  –  Urgent; Homeless; High; Medium or Standard and we will write to your confirming all your details.

3.  Is there a restriction on the type of property or the area I can choose?

You can choose as many property types (of the size you need) and as many areas as you wish.  The exception to this is where the property is classed as Sheltered or where the property is specifically designed or designated for someone with a particular need (eg, medical circumstances)              

4. How long does it take to assess my application?

We aim to complete our assessment and write to you within 15 days of receiving your completed application.

5. I have a medical condition.  How is this assessed?

In the application form we ask you to complete a Medical Self Assessment if you have a medical condition which is affected by your current housing.  When we assess this, we look at the information you have provided us with and how a move would help the medical condition.  If we are unsure about any of the information, we do ask that you consent to us seeking further information from a specialist dealing with you or from an independent doctor.  More information can be found on our Medical Priority Explained leaflet by clicking here.

6. How long will it be before I get an offer?

Due to being unable to forecast when properties will become available, we are unable to state how long you will wait before we are able to consider you for rehousing.  What we can do is provide you with information about where you are placed within your Priority Group for a particular size of property and a particular area.

7. What if I move or other circumstances change?

If you move house, you have to submit a new application form and we will cancel your previous application with us.  We will then assess your circumstances based on your new address. 

If other circumstances change, you should contact us advising us what they are and we will review your application and confirm how this change affects your application. For further information, contact the Housing Support Team.

8. What properties did you let last year?

Please click here to find out how we let our properties last year.