Our Service Standards

What are Service standards?

Service standards are our service commitments to our customers. They confirm how specific services will be delivered to you and outline the quality of service you can expect. Please click here for a copy of our Service Standards leaflet.

Getting it right

We pride ourselves in delivering a high standard of service to all our customers. We don’t always get it right however and we have several ways in which our customers can tell us when things go wrong.

We value your comments and complaints – we can only improve our service if we know when things have gone wrong or when you’re not happy with the way we handled an issue.

Our recent Customer Satisfaction Surveys tell us however that many of our customers aren’t aware of how to let us know when things go wrong and the formal and less formal ways to get in touch. 

What to do if things go wrong

In the first instance we would always encourage you to try to sort the issue out with the member of staff you have been dealing with. If however you cannot reach a satisfactory solution with this member of staff you should ask to speak to the senior officer for the team or department who can then assist you.

We have a set of service standards which lay out what you can expect from us – click here to view.  This document sets out the level of service you can expect when you contact our offices in person, in writing or by telephone.  It also details what action you can take if we fail to deliver a high standard of service.

Formalising your complaint

If you wish to make a complaint to us, you can do so:

  • in person at 423 London Road, or any of our Service Centres
  • by phone
  • in writing
  • email
  • or by using our complaints form contained within our "making a complaint" leaflet - click here to view

If you have used the complaints process and are still dissatisfied, you can contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (www.spso.org.uk). If you are an owner occupier, whose property is factored by Thenue, you should contact the Homeowner Housing Panel (www.hohp.scotland.gov.uk)

The Ombudsman service is free, impartial and independent. The Ombudsman will usually only examine complaints if Thenue’s own complaints process has been exhausted, and if complaints are referred within 12 months from when the problem happened, or first became known about.

For those receiving housing support from Thenue, complaints can be made directly to The Care Inspectorate (www.careinspectorate.com). This is an independent body which regulates care and support services throughout Scotland. A leaflet about their Complaints Procedure is available from us or the Care Inspectorate..  Leaflets are on display in our offices and sheltered housing developments.

Further details about the Ombudsman Service and the Care Inspectorate are available from our office and sheltered developments and in our Easy Guide to making a complaint leaflet which you can view by clicking here.

Significant Performance Failure

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published information on what a Significant Performance Failure (SPF) is and how you can report one to them.  You can view the information by clicking here.  An SPF is not an individual tenant complaint about services.  If you have a complaint, for example if you are unhappy about how we have carried out repairs to your own home, then you should raise this directly with Thenue through our complaints procedure detailed above. 

Monitoring our performance

We monitor our performance against these service standards on a regular basis to see how we are doing. Research Resource (www.researchresource.co.uk) have carried out a number of independent surveys on our behalf.  The last survey was carried out in 

Over 98% of those who responded were acknowledged when they came into our offices, felt the receptionist was very helpful, polite and willing to listen. 100% of those who responded said that reception staff were friendly, polite and helpful.