Thenue Trust

The Thenue Trust was established in February of 2002, under Trust Deed.  The purposes of the Trust is to promote further, or support all or any, activities deemed by law to be charitable. The Thenue Trust will provide grant support for individuals living within the communities where Thenue Housing operates in the furtherance of their personal achievement or personal development.  These grants are designed to provide financial assistance to support local people in the achievement of excellence and personal development in areas such as (but not limited to) education, employment, training, sport and the arts. 

Grants will be subject to meeting the criteria and availability of funds. Examples of activities which we can fund include:

  • the offer of prizes for incentives in respect of special achievement;
  • contribution towards the cost of individual items of expenditure such as books, computer, sports equipment, travel costs associated with personal achievement or development where such objectives will benefit an individual and their community;
  • applying for a charitable grant from the Thenue Trust is quite straightforward - simply download our policy and application form.
Thenue Trust Thenue Trust