Thenue Services

Part of the Thenue Group, Thenue  Services was established as a non-charitable wholly owned subsidiary of the Housing Association.

When it was established in 1979 its primary purpose was to provide services to other associations and co-operatives which were either too small to employ their own staff or were newly established and had yet to employ staff.

We also provided services to associations undergoing a period of change by the provision of experienced staff, providing a range of services from Officer to Director level.

Over the years, we have continued to provide development services to a wide range of housing associations in Glasgow and the surrounding area and in addition to this core business, we have provided independent advice to tenants, consultancy and training and the provision of Acting Chief Executive/Director.

While the traditional development work has reduced over the last few years due to the effects of cutbacks on the new build programme, we still provide this service and welcome enquires.