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Housing Options

What housing options are available to me? (links from existing website)

There are various options available for securing a new home.  Please consider these options to see which one gives the best prospect of being offered a new home.  Our Housing Options leaflet here (link)provides full details on the choices available. 

If you have never been a tenant before, you may wish to carefully consider the responsibilities and costs which this would involve.  Our leaflet here (existing website) provides some advice and information about taking on a new home which you may find helpful

Our Housing

Where are our homes and what types of homes do we have? Full information on our homes is here.  We own around 2900 properties in 6 main communities – different types and sizes.  Our list of properties can be found here (property list already passed to PE, so put in the link here)

On average, we let around 200 homes each year – details of our most recent lets can be found here (put the link in here from existing website)

If you are an older person looking for retirement or older persons housing, click here for more information (from existing website)  

Homeless or Threatened with Homelessness

If you are homeless or roofless or about to be made homeless, you should contact Glasgow City Council’s Community Casework Team.  Full details on this are on our leaflet here (put in link) 

Apply to Us

Complete our application form for a new home (PE working on updated form) here.  Further information about the process can be found here(put in link to leaflet – Applying for Housing -  FAQs from existing website). If you are a current Thenue Housing tenant, there are certain criteria which apply before you can be considered for a transfer.  More information on this can be found here(put in link to leaflet – Thenue Housing Tenants – Applying for a Transfer) 

Swap Your Home

If you are a tenant of a local authority or registered social landlord, you may be able to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant.  We hold an online register of tenants looking to swap their home and if you wish to register your details, please click here. More information on this “Mutual Exchange”  process can be found here (put in link to our leaflet from existing website – How to Swap Your Home)