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  1. Allocation policy PD
  2. Antisocial behaviour policy SCM
  3. Annual review LMJ
  4. Area Services Officer patches SCM
  5. Income Maximisation policy GS
  6. Income Max Officer PatchesGS
  7. Asbestos management policy
  8. Asset management policy KF/ED
  9. Association rules RM
  10. Audited accounts DH 10Bconsolidated financial statement
  11. Business Plan summary LMJ
  12. Charter Report LMJ
  13. Corporate objectives LMJ
  14. Code of conduct for governing body RM
  15. Code of conduct for staff RM
  16. Complaints report LMJ
  17. Consultations TBC
  18. Control of payments and benefits to board members and staff RM
  19. Customer engagement strategy BG
  20. Customer service policy BG
  21. Data Protection Policy LMJ
  22. Equality and diversity policy LMJ
  23. Estate management policyBG
  24. Financial regulations JR
  25. Framework Agreements BR
  26. Health and safety policy RM
  27. Hours of operation LMJ
  28. How to join the governing body RM
  29. Major repairs ED
  30. Membership policy RM
  31. Minutes of governing body meetings RM
  32. Project funding RA
  33. Property Services Policy HandbookKF/ED
  34. ProcurementBR
  35. Rent setting policy BG
  36. Repairs policy SCM
  37. Risk management policy JR
  38. Service StandardsLMJ
  39. Staff contact details SF
  40. Standing Orders CT
  41. Subsidiary companies CT
  42. Suppliers and contractors KF/SCM/ED
  43. Tenancy Management Policy Handbook BG
  44. Tenant scrutiny panel BG
  45. ValuesLMJ
  46. Value for money JR
  47. Who we are working with KF/SCM/ED


PD = Paola Doyle

SCM = Sharon Craig McLeary

LMJ = Lynne McKenzie-Juetten

GS= Gail Shearer

RM = Ray Macleod

DH = Douglas Hosie

BG= Brian Gannon

KF = Karen Finlayson

ED = Eleanor Derbyshire

CT = Charlie Turner

RA= Ruth Adam

JR = John Russell